Celiac Disease-Proactive Study

A monoclonal antibody that blocks interleukin 15 has been shown to reduce intestinal inflammation and improve clinical symptoms induced by gluten consumption in celiac disease. PRV-015 may be effective as an adjunctive treatment to a GFD in NRCD patients.

What we need:
  • Subjects 18-70 years old
  • Must be diagnosed with Celiac disease by intestinal biopsy at least 12 months prior
  • Subjects have followed (or attempted to follow) a gluten free diet 12 months prior, and willing to maintain a gluten free diet for study duration
  • Have at least one of the following symptoms
    Loose Stools
    Abdominal pain

  • What we cannot have:
  • Have current diagnosis of severe complications (celiac disease)
  • Diagnosis of any chronic or active GI disease
  • Presence of infection with flu like symptoms
  • Active GI infection, including H. Pylori
  • History of TB
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